Did Medvedev Organize the Anti-Putin Riots?

Today’s Financial Times paints a bleak picture: one in which former President Medvedev, desperate not to see his legacy tarnished, may well have been the architect of the anti-Putin protests that eventually led the punk protest to jail.

This is becoming utterly surreal.

Via Financial Times:

Suspicion is now deepening among Putin loyalists that Mr Medvedev’s supporters – and the former president himself – may have supported the anti-Putin protests that broke out last winter following allegations of widespread ballot fraud in December’s parliamentary elections.

“Medvedev without doubt invested huge resources into the stoking of these protests,” said one insider speaking on condition of anonymity.
“Just ask yourself who is the main person interested in this. The support was provided through the media who helped stoke the protests, and through part of the law enforcement structures who got the order not to stand in the protesters’ way.”

We strongly suggest reading the article at Financial Times. We may be closer to a resolution of the Moscow Patriarchate’s illegal struggle for power than we think.

Or, this could have been Putin’s plan all along– to turn Medvedev into an enabler for what he “really” wanted to do. But, in many places, the jury is out on which Putin is the real one. The coming weeks will make it completely obvious.