Endgame for Esphigmenou Monastery?

As savvy readers of True Orthodox news  around the world know, an imposter brotherhood has been trying to take over the monastery of Esphigmenou’s property over the past decade. Sadly, this group has gained importance over the past few years. (See video here for violent attempts to overtake the monastery.) We will be following this for updates to understand precisely where Chrysostomos of Myra toured, and whether the legitimate brotherhood has retreated from the main premises.

(Hat Tip: F.A.) According to exclusive information from Romfea.gr Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Myra of the Ecumenical Patriarchate visited the monastery of Esphigmenou on October 18.
Romfea.gr indicates that Metropolitan Chrysostom did not meet with the Abbot Methodius as [he was] missing, but with his replacement, Father Gregory.
Father Gregory welcomed with joy the New Calendarist Bishop of Myra, who toured the church and the premises of Esphigmenou.