Finnish World ‘Orthodox’ Priest and ‘Gay Rights’ Activist Becomes General Secretary of Conference of European Churches

October 15, 2015  (Source:

[Originally reported on Oct. 13]

The Conference of European Churches is pleased to announce the appointment of Fr Heikki Huttunen, Orthodox Church of Finland, to the position of General Secretary.

Fr Huttunen comes to the role with a wealth of ecumenical experience and a lifelong commitment to youth in the Church, at one time serving Syndesmos, the international youth organisation of the Orthodox Church.

He served the Finnish Ecumenical Council as General Secretary from 2006 to 2015. Earlier contributions to ecumenism included time with the World Council of Churches as director of the youth sub-unit from 1985 to 1989. Following his work with the WCC, he served as a parish priest in a new, multicultural community in Espoo near Helsinki. He was a member of the WCC Central Committee 2006-2013 and has represented his church at the last four WCC General Assemblies.

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NFTU:  Fr Heikki Huttunen, a priest of the notoriously modernist-ecumenist Finnish “Orthodox” Church, under the Ecumenical Patriarchate, is well-known for founding such organizations as the “Homosexual Ecumenist Christian Union”, organizing gay pride parades, concelebrating with Lutherans, promotion of women’s ordination, etc.