Fr Alejandro Iwaszewicz in Uruguayan Jail After Money Laundering Arrest

A petition is circulating online for the release of Fr Alejandro Iwaszewicz from jail due to the harsh conditions at the jail where he is imprisoned.

According to an email circulating advising for the petition, “Father Alexander Iwaszewicz worked for an international company that has a branch in Uruguay. This company made a transfer of money and by signing a document, Fr. Alexander assumed responsibility. The amount itself is ludicrous, compared with the crime being charged against Fr. Alexander: money laundering. According to what we now know, this trial was sparked by a rumor that the Uruguayan government took very seriously. When on November 1st, he was questioned in Uruguayan court, the District Attorney’s aggressiveness caused Fr. Alexander to pass out and be taken to the hospital. A few hours later, he came to. Due to the lack of a good medical examination, it is not known whether the collapse was due to simply a drop in blood pressure or something more serious such as a micro heart attack.”

According to the Argentine News Site Cuarto Intermedio, Fr Alejandro was president of Blythe Services, which triangulated over $730,000 through three countries. The court determined Fr Alejandro was guilty of money laundering.