Fr. Victor Dobrov (ROCOR-A): Upcoming Phanar Council Will Drive Many Out of World Orthodoxy

November 21, 2014  (Source:

Originally reported on November 10

Archpriest Victor Dobrov (ROCOR-A) has suggested that the ROCOR-A Sobor be prepared for the aftermath of the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s “Pan-Orthodox Council”, and do so by recognizing that economy must be applied to a large number of ROCOR-MP and MP clergy and laity if and when they leave. Fr. Victor notes that ‘according to leaked information’ the agenda of the Phanar Council (at which all the representatives of World Orthodoxy have agreed to attend next year in Istanbul), will be the full-scale introduction into all World Orthodoxy of the New Calendar, the abolition of the fasts, and translation of services into a modern vernacular (instead of Byzantine Greek, Church Slavonic, traditional Arabic or classical Georgian, etc).

In response to this move by the Phanar, Fr. Victor and others are pleased at the convening of a “Grand Council of the True Orthodox Church”.

In the context of receiving people from the MP, Fr. Victor notes that two methods previously prevailed: 1) It was left to the discretion of the diocesan bishop, and 2) A formal procedure decided by ROCOR in 1990 that includes formal letters of renunciation of the MP, Sergianism, in a public profession of Faith for the clergy and laity alike, kissing of the Cross and Gospel book, etc.

Fr. Victor proposes a single uniform method for receiving people from the MP  and various ROCOR and Russian groups that are not associated with the ROCOR-A through Chrismation alone.

To read the full note by Fr. Victor, go here for the Original Russian, and here fore a machine translation.