GOC-K Priest Refuses to Join ROCOR-A; Accuses it of Complacent Cyprianism

September 04, 2014 (Source: www.portal-credo.ru)

Apparently Fr. Constantine Kochegarov, a GOC-K priest in the Moscow region of Russia, has refused to accede to the GOC-K Synod’s transfer of all its former missions, parishes, and clergy in Russia and Ukraine. The GOC-K had decided previously that all its missions and clergy in Russia/Ukraine would be placed under the ROCOR-A. However, Fr. Constantine Kochegarov has refused to do this, as long as Met. Agafangel and the ROCOR-A will not condemn Cyprianism as well as cease liturgical commemoration of Pat. Ireneaus of Jerusalem.

As noted previously, the Bulgarian members of the GOC-K had similar objections (though much more stringent in their demands).

Fr. Constantine said he would go under Met. Agafangel’s omophor as soon as Met. Agafangel and the ROCOR-A Synod condemned Cyprianism as an heresy. There seems to have been some additional details contained in the above link; for example it is stated that the former Synod in Resistance bishops were received in some manner by some sort of prayer while kneeling before Abp. Kallinikos, that Met. Agafangel initially objected to much but was convinced after 10 hrs of arguments, and a promise was given by Met. Agafangel  that he would no longer receive people from the MP who were not baptized by triple immersion (as we know, this seems to have been one of the issues that the Abp. Kallinikos, when only metropolitan, objected to about the planned RTOC communion agreement).

Fr. Constantine, nevertheless, seems hopeful that Cyprianism will eventually die out and the GOC position will be triumphant.