Ground Zero Church Loses its Land

After much stalling, the little Greek Orthodox Church that fell victim to September 11 has finally been gotten rid of for $20 mil. And here we thought the big eyesore was the crater of death.


NEW YORK (AP) — Leaders of a church destroyed on Sept. 11 have surrendered land needed to rebuild the World Trade Center site in a $20 million deal with the government.

The congregation at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church will use the cash to build a new church a few blocks away. The church’s 1,200-square-foot lot had been listed as one of more than a dozen obstacles slowing long-stalled rebuilding at ground zero.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey owns ground zero, and its leadership has agreed to the $20 million price. The agency expects $10 million to come from JPMorgan Chase & Co., which has a tentative deal to build one of five office towers planned at the site.

The board is expected to consider approving the sale Thursday.