Have a Slice of Heaven!

This is so obvious I don’t have to add commentary.

Ecumenical vision is Slice of Heaven
Mona Safley for The Republic
(January 28, 2006) This week, I experienced a slice of heaven on earth.

No, I wasn’t with my sweetheart, or even eating chocolate. I attended the Ecumenical Assembly of Bartholomew County’s annual meeting, an eclectic gathering of over 40 persons of faith representing 18 member churches.

Imagine Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians (and more!) in the same room, breaking bread together as they celebrate not their differences in doctrine, but their unity in purpose. No one argued about how to baptize, or which cross to wear. Honestly, no one even seemed to care or even notice such differences.

Appreciation and applause from all present flowed for outgoing Assembly President Lois Revell. Later, United Church of Christ’s the Rev. Kirby Rupp led an installation service and prayer for new officers. Agreement and affirmation followed for incoming President Ron Deaton, a United Methodist.

As harmony, even laughter, permeated the room, I whispered in amazement to my tablemate, “Isn’t this a miracle?”

“Not really. We’re just doing what we should be doing —getting along!” (Read the rest of the article, and get your piece of heaven…)