ROCOR-A: Sergianism Formally Anathematized

The ROCOR under Metropolitan Agafangel has formally anathematized Sergianism as of Sunday, increasing the number of Russian Orthodox who have done so. The last large-scale anathema against Sergianism was issued by the FROC (and maintained by the ROAC) in 1999.

Metropolitan Agafangel, who led the first Sunday of Great Lent, the Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church in Astoria (New York, USA), co-served by rector Archpriest Vsevolod Dutikow and Priest Victor Dobrova for diligent service to the Church of the parish clergyman awarded Deacon Dimitri Dobronravova right to wear a double stole.

On this day, performed the rite of Orthodoxy before the Divine Liturgy, Deacon Dimitri first proclaimed anathema sergianism.

anathemaAn official translation of the Slavonic is forthcoming.
To those who label the Godless power of Antichrist, ‘blessed’, and not merely permitted by God; to those who dare work for these secular authorities for the purpose of a false-appearance of the outward Church arrangement of the Holy Church; to those who for the sake of pleasing worldly power trample God’s commandments, the holy canons, the Patristic tradition and the catholicity of the Church; to those who deny faith or honor to  the holy martyrs and the confessors of Christ, who hurl blasphemy at them and who deliver them into the hands of their torturers; to those who justify Yudin* thinking and action and who speak of themselves as if possessing some sort of ‘special’ wisdom and salvation outside the Church; to those who respect and obey the temptation of the antichrist,  prepared as though given to him by God; to the Sergianists, the new Renovators, ANATHEMA! And let all cry out three times, ANATHEMA!  ANATHEMA!  ANATHEMA!

*Rdr Daniel Everiss tranlates it as “Judas-way”. The Slavonic word translates into Russian as “Юдин”, most commonly used as surname meaning “Jewish”.