Icon of Stalin Used (Again) in Moscow Patriarchate Service

June 08, 2015 (Source: http://belsat.eu/en/articles)


The service was said by Athos monk Aphinogen, controversial Russian nationalist newspaper ‘Zavtra’ reports. The icon was produced by order of Izborsk club, chaired by notorious supremacist politician and journalist Alexander Prokhanov, editor-in chief of newspaper ‘Zavtra’.

In 1943 a tank combat took place at Prokhorovka field. It became one of the key episodes of the battle of the Kursk Salient. The icon was carried and then transported in armored vehicles along the field next to churches, chapels and monuments to the1943 tank battle. Lots of people were present at the action.

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According to the survey, more Russians have a positive attitude to Joseph Stalin. One third of respondents treat him with respect, 24% called his death ‘a loss of the great leader and teacher’, and 45% believe that the Soviet people’s sufferings during the Stalin era may be justified by big goals and results achieved. In 2012, the number of those who justified repression was almost two times less (25%).


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