Italian Metropolia Meeting Held

On Friday, June 1, 2012, the first meeting of the New Holy Synod of the Metropolitan Church of Italy took place at the “Holy Trinity” monastery of Chernovtsy, Ukraine representing the autonomous Orthodox Christians following the old calendar in Italy, under the presidency of Metropolitan (Dr.) Onufrie Pop, of Bergamo. He noted Tomos #7/ May 4 2012 of Metropolitan John of America to Metropolitan Onuphrius, recognizing him as the next chair of the Church and that the Metropolitan see of Milan and Aquileia was vacant. The Holy Council members thanked Metropolitan John for support and assistance. 

Next the Metropolitan took note of the demands of the 12 priests who want to come under the oversight and jurisdiction of Metropolitan Onuphrius’ Autonomous Orthodox Christian Metropolia following the old calendar in Italy and decrees will be issued naming and recognizing the priests in their respective parishes. 

During the meeting of Holy synod, His Grace Bishop George, Vicar of Bergamo, was elected and appointed the episcopal vicar of Sondrio and Vercelli, and Archimandrite Silouan was appointed secretary of the Holy Synod of and will be consecrated in July in the Church of Bergamo, and named Bishop-elect Seraphim of Rieti, vicar for central Italy

During the meeting of the Holy Synod it was decided that Metropolitan Onuphrius would wear the Kalamfavka with the white cross, as did his predecessors, following the Russian tradition. After meeting in the monastery church the Synod was held followed by the installation of Metropolitan Onuphrius for the Autonomous Orthodox Christian Metropolia of the Old Calendar in Italy, the legal successor of the former Metropolitanate of Milan and Aquileia.                             

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