Jerusalem Patriarchate Hosts Ecumenist Meetings with Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans

September 23, 2014 (Source:

Beginning on September 15, the Jersualem Patriarchate has hosted ecumenist gatherings with his “sisters and brothers” the Anglicans, Lutherans and Roman Catholics.  We have his September 15, 2014 speech at the “Joint International Commission for the Theological Dialogue Between the Roman Catholic & the Orthodox Church” to start with; along with general details of the event posted. And the same follows for the equivalent commissions for Lutherans and Anglicans, with general details here.

In Pat. Theophilos III’s speech as head of the Jerusalem Patriarchate, assembled with the hierarchs of the JP, he lauds the visit of Pope Francis and Pat. Bartholomew and the pseudo-lifting of the Anathemas, saying:

“That meeting led to the lifting of the mutual excommunications that had been directed against our respective Churches in 1054, and opened the way to a new ecumenical future, of which this international dialogue is a principal result.”


So much for the supposedly ‘conservative’ Jerusalem Patriarchate. The well-known Vatican chief ecumenist, Cardinal Koch, was on hand for this. Koch has been known around the world for his ecumenical meetings with Moscow Patriarchate, and Phanar, clergy and bishops.

But, it gets worse in their dealings with the Anglicans (the real founders of ecumenism ) and the Lutherans.  On September 18 we have his speech to the Anglicans-World Orthodox commission.  Let us not forget, as the links above to the official JP site state, the Antiochian, Serbian, and Moscow Patriarchates were present at these blasphemous meetings.  We are told by Pat. Theophilos of how wonderful the condemned heresy of Anglicanism is with its ‘devotion’:

“The Orthodox and Anglican traditions share a grounding in, and a devotion to, the patristic mind. Over the generations, Anglican patristic scholarship, always of the highest quality, and Orthodox patristic reflection, always a living expression of the Church’s faith, have given us eloquent testimony to the ongoing relevance of the patristic heritage to our present life. This common ground that Orthodox and Anglicans share is a great gift to us, and one that has the power to deepen further our joint theological exploration.”


In other words, both Orthodoxy and Anglicanism are grounded in the Holy Fathers.  But, this is contrary to Church teaching, which has numerous times condemned Anglicanism (see the reply of the Orthodox Church to the heresies of the Anglican Non-Jurors).  Theophilos’ words are symptomatic of the ecumenical movement; they lend to the heresy of doctrinal equivocation, but are possessed of just enough minutiae of causistry to just extricate himself if need be.

With the Lutherans and his ecumenical ventures with them, we get a report and a video. Of course, we are all supposed to forget Patriarch Jeremias’ and his kind but firm explanation of Orthodoxy and rebuttal of the Lutheran heresies.

Ecumenism among the Patriarchate is not ‘fading’ away; it’s entering an whole new phase. In this phase, joint prayers and ecumenical gatherings with Lutherans and Anglicans that approve same-sex marriages, promote “women’s ordination”,  disputing the very authenticity of the Holy Scriptures, and promote fundamentally anti-Christian teachings are becoming common place.

The support the Jerusalem Patriarchate is showing for the Roman Catholic Church, and its agreement with the Phanar’s lifting of the Anathemas, demonstrates another aspect; that the continuous attempt to further the gradual merger between Rome and the Phanar’s Eastern subsidiaries is official policy of Pat. Theophilos III.  At this point one has to seriously wonder whether the Holy Fire is actually descending, and that what we have been witnessing for the past few years is not a  false demonic miracle (since apparently it is confirming peoples belief in the heretical ecumenist agenda of the Jerusalem Patriarch), or simply a fraud in all respects. We remember when, in the 1500s,  the Armenians by fraud gained the Holy Sepulchre and the Fire did not come down, but came only to the true Christian leader, the Orthodox Patriarch, who was forced out.  Some also remember the judgment of God rendered when the Holy Fire did not descend when, over 40 years ago, Pat. Benedictus briefly switched to the New Calendar.

The Holy Fire is undoubtedly a genuine miracle, but, at this point, will God continue to send it to manifestly heretical and anti-Christian teachers, such as those in the Jerusalem Patriarchate?