Jerusalem Patriarchate Hosts Ecumenist Meetings with Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans

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September 22, 2014
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September 23, 2014

Jerusalem Patriarchate Hosts Ecumenist Meetings with Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans

September 23, 2014 (Source:

Beginning on September 15, the Jersualem Patriarchate has hosted ecumenist gatherings with his “sisters and brothers” the Anglicans, Lutherans and Roman Catholics.  We have his September 15, 2014 speech at the “Joint International Commission for the Theological Dialogue Between the Roman Catholic & the Orthodox Church” to start with; along with general details of the event posted. And the same follows for the equivalent commissions for Lutherans and Anglicans, with general details here.

In Pat. Theophilos III’s speech as head of the Jerusalem Patriarchate, assembled with the hierarchs of the JP, he lauds the visit of Pope Francis and Pat. Bartholomew and the pseudo-lifting of the Anathemas, saying:

“That meeting led to the lifting of the mutual excommunications that had been directed against our respective Churches in 1054, and opened the way to a new ecumenical future, of which this international dialogue is a principal result.”


So much for the supposedly ‘conservative’ Jerusalem Patriarchate. The well-known Vatican chief ecumenist, Cardinal Koch, was on hand for this. Koch has been known around the world for his ecumenical meetings with Moscow Patriarchate, and Phanar, clergy and bishops.

But, it gets worse in their dealings with the Anglicans (the real founders of ecumenism ) and the Lutherans.  On September 18 we have his speech to the Anglicans-World Orthodox commission.  Let us not forget, as the links above to the official JP site state, the Antiochian, Serbian, and Moscow Patriarchates were present at these blasphemous meetings.  We are told by Pat. Theophilos of how wonderful the condemned heresy of Anglicanism is with its ‘devotion’:

“The Orthodox and Anglican traditions share a grounding in, and a devotion to, the patristic mind. Over the generations, Anglican patristic scholarship, always of the highest quality, and Orthodox patristic reflection, always a living expression of the Church’s faith, have given us eloquent testimony to the ongoing relevance of the patristic heritage to our present life. This common ground that Orthodox and Anglicans share is a great gift to us, and one that has the power to deepen further our joint theological exploration.”


In other words, both Orthodoxy and Anglicanism are grounded in the Holy Fathers.  But, this is contrary to Church teaching, which has numerous times condemned Anglicanism (see the reply of the Orthodox Church to the heresies of the Anglican Non-Jurors).  Theophilos’ words are symptomatic of the ecumenical movement; they lend to the heresy of doctrinal equivocation, but are possessed of just enough minutiae of causistry to just extricate himself if need be.

With the Lutherans and his ecumenical ventures with them, we get a report and a video. Of course, we are all supposed to forget Patriarch Jeremias’ and his kind but firm explanation of Orthodoxy and rebuttal of the Lutheran heresies.

Ecumenism among the Patriarchate is not ‘fading’ away; it’s entering an whole new phase. In this phase, joint prayers and ecumenical gatherings with Lutherans and Anglicans that approve same-sex marriages, promote “women’s ordination”,  disputing the very authenticity of the Holy Scriptures, and promote fundamentally anti-Christian teachings are becoming common place.

The support the Jerusalem Patriarchate is showing for the Roman Catholic Church, and its agreement with the Phanar’s lifting of the Anathemas, demonstrates another aspect; that the continuous attempt to further the gradual merger between Rome and the Phanar’s Eastern subsidiaries is official policy of Pat. Theophilos III.  At this point one has to seriously wonder whether the Holy Fire is actually descending, and that what we have been witnessing for the past few years is not a  false demonic miracle (since apparently it is confirming peoples belief in the heretical ecumenist agenda of the Jerusalem Patriarch), or simply a fraud in all respects. We remember when, in the 1500s,  the Armenians by fraud gained the Holy Sepulchre and the Fire did not come down, but came only to the true Christian leader, the Orthodox Patriarch, who was forced out.  Some also remember the judgment of God rendered when the Holy Fire did not descend when, over 40 years ago, Pat. Benedictus briefly switched to the New Calendar.

The Holy Fire is undoubtedly a genuine miracle, but, at this point, will God continue to send it to manifestly heretical and anti-Christian teachers, such as those in the Jerusalem Patriarchate?




  1. Fr. Victor says:

    What is the role of Metropolitan Dimitri (Kyriakou) in this worldwide, relationship, does someone can explain: how Bishop Dimitrie Kyriakou (now Metropolitan), using money Synod Boston, managed to organize drug trafficking in Central America?

    • HmkEnoch says:

      What evidence is there that this charge is true? That’s a serious matter; is there some evidence aside from internet slander? I will give until the next hour to share some newspaper report from a credible source; otherwise this is just pure libel without any evidence, and I will remove the comment. Especially as the comment is attached to an article is talking about Met. Demetrius. If no evidence is provided this time, I’m just not going to tolerate continuous libel in the comments on this issue.

    • Daniel Smith says:

      Go away Euthymius…

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden says:

      Our troll returns with a new name. Please stop with the drug money claims. They were ridiculous in the 90’s, and they are now. Last warning.

      • HmkEnoch says:

        The hour was up. If someone posts such defamatory comments they need to have some credible public evidence to back it up, otherwise it is just libel with no news articles, public police reports, etc, to support it.

  2. Moving Along With Style says:

    Such a mean spirited, small minded article. Shame!

    • HmkEnoch says:

      Well, we are certainly not going to write anything lauding Pat. Theophilos’ or the Jerusalem Patriarchate’s ecumenism! This is a True Orthodox site, that does not accept ecumenism or modernism as acceptable in Orthodoxy; nor does it accept the current claimants to the Eastern Patriarchates as being Orthodox.

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden says:

      I would suggest that you try to understand what kind of news we report on. We report on True Orthodoxy, Ecumenism, and those Orthodox affected by it. Seeing your other comments tells me you would probably find True Orthodoxy in general offensive. True Orthodox Christians find ecumenism and modernism offensive. You may call that “small-minded”, but historical Christianity has always had certain limits. If you don’t respect those limits, that is your right; but these emotional responses (“how nasty, how cruel”) are taken as trolling if you don’t explain yourself.

      True Orthodoxy doesn’t change “with the times”. In fact, it works exactly opposite the times, where we fight to preserve our faith against a world obsessed with bringing us to a life worse than mindless beasts in the name of “open-mindedness”. And most of our readers feel this way.

      If you wish to take potshots at our readership…. style or no style, move along.

  3. AnastasiosHawker says:

    I have the relevant evidence, they will be displayed at one time.

    Bishop Demetrios (Kyriakou) was born in Toronto, Canada, in a family, having both Greek and Macedonian roots. At age 18, he entered the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston. In 2006 he was consecrated Bishop of Carlisle, Vicar of the Archdiocese of the Boston Holy Orthodox Church in North America (HOCNA, Boston Synod).

    In September 2012, already having decided to leave the Boston Synod, considered themselves so powerful that it can be realized, he turned to his hierarchs with a letter, which asked about the possibility of release documents. But the very next day after this letter, Bishop Demetrius made a dogmatic statement accusing the Boston Synod of the Name-worshiping (Name of God) heresy and he expressed full agreement with the decision of Russian Synod in 1913, which condemned the Name-worshipers, sadly, has decided to use it as an excuse to clothe his departure in a mantle of “Confession of Faith”.

    Look, he’s in Boston Synod, of its 18 years and lived approving “Name-worshiping”, but the alleged “reason” appeared just now to leave HOCNA Synod (?!) when in September 2012, was entered the “hrizostomovsky” (GOC), Synod.

    What is the true reason for the Metropolitan to leave “True Orthodox Synod”?

    Drug distribution and trafficking, transportation, and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and other illegal drugs, Metropolitan Demetrios, managed by money HOCNA and in that of Boston was appointed as Bishop of Central America, to organize their “business” there.

    For the North American market, cocaine is typically transported from Colombia to Mexico or Central America by sea and then onwards by land to the United States and Canada.

    Therefore, in Central America, he leads a team of people who help him in the distribution.

    Colombia remains the main source of the cocaine, but direct shipments are sent and from Central America, or-of Guatemala.

    In the Balkans, as well Ukraine and Russian Federation has expanded the secret of “business-alliance” with Akakios “church” in Serbia and Russia (on behalf Akakios contracted “business” his delegate nun Euphrosyne, on “neutral ground” in Macedonia) this “church” of this “business” exists with the “blessing” of Metropolitan Dimitri Kyriakou and the GOC Synod.

    The proceeds obtained from the drug trade helped him to acquire the rank of Metropolitan and be inaugurated as the head of GOH Synods in the United States (In December 2013, Metropolitan Pavlos retired from his position “for health reasons”. In February 2014, Bishop Demetrius (Kyriakou) of Boston was elected by the Holy Synod to succeed him as Metropolitan of America and President of the Eparchial Synod of the Church of the GOC of America).

    And if someone belittles him the GOC Synod, he is so powerful, he can with his faithful in America, to leave the GOC and the go in Russian Orthodox Church – His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.

    I’m his friend and cousin, this can say.

    And this let no one understands nothing personal, just business is concerned.

    • Dcn Joseph Suaiden says:

      Ok, I don’t know how I am going to make this clear to you. You’re making stuff up, and if you keep it up, you’re going to get blocked. I’m going to answer you with a few simple points.

      1. HTM did not “approve of Name-Worshipping for 18 years”. In fact, they didn’t start confessing this heresy until the past four or so, which led to the schism.

      2. I understand how drug trafficking works. However, a blanket accusation without proof can be made for virtually any Bishop working in Latin America. As a son of Latin American immigrants, I find your accusation offensive. Your evidence seems to be “Demetrius worked in Latin America, which means he was part of a drug cartel”. If that’s your argument, without a shred of evidence, I will ban you with a smile on my face.

      3. Your claim of a “business operation” with the Serbian True Orthodox is incredibly offensive, as Mother Evfrosyne came to America to fundraise for their impoverished Church there. The fact that Metropolitan Demetrius helped impoverished Orthodox Christians is being presented as a “business agreement” is, to say the least, evil. Now, I’m not saying you’re evil, but you’re saying really evil things, and I suggest you stop, or as said before, I’ll ban you with a smile on my face.

      4. It was a given that the next Metropolitan of America in the GOC Synod was going to be a North American resident. This left four candidates: Bishop Demetrius, Bishop Moses, Bishop Sergius, and Bishop Christodoulos. Without getting into politics, I was under the impression that Bp Christdoulos was a front-runner (Bps Moses and Sergius are converts and likely wouldn’t have won an election in Greece) but talking to many GOC laity Bp C. had substantial opposition. This left Bp Demetrius, who was well-spoken and generally well-liked. I’m convinced it had absolutely nothing to do with money. Of course you’re free to disagree, but you better have– as you can see from my response– something besides fantasy to back up your claims.

    • Daniel Smith says:

      Euthymius, there is medication for schizophrenic paranoia, but not for the condition of your heart. Sad to say, I think you are moving further beyond help and reality as you indulge your lust for slander. No one will be helped by such sinful behavior. God does not honor it, and your persistence in it is what has led to your apostasy…

  4. HmkEnoch says:

    It is interesting how far things have gone in the JP in the past 20 years:

    Pat. Diodoros, for all his faults, was apparently the only Patriarch who seemed to formally write any letter of public protest to Antioch’s communion agreement with the Anti-Chalcedonian Monophysites.

    However, now, under Pat. Theophilos III, whatever remnant of an anti-ecumenical atmosphere there did exist under Pat. Diodoros (or perhaps under Irenaios?? after all, the reasons for his deposition are now known as being unfounded, according to the Israeli court 2012, and thus, it makes one wonder if Irenaios was, for whatever else one may accuse him of, not Bartholomew’s willing puppet) has been fully squashed.

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