Kuraev: New Patriarch should make people “fall in love with Orthodoxy”

Are we spotting a trend? Wonder if we’ll see state sponsored polls on this like the ones saying Putin’s biggest quality is “attractive and charming” (12.9%).

(Interfax) – Professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy Deacon Andrey Kurayev believes that missionary talent should be the main quality of future Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

“The Russian Orthodox Church needs a patriarch who can make people fall in love with the Orthodoxy. He should be able to send a “message” to young people that the Orthodoxy is not only Russia’s past, but also its future. And the Heaven above us is the ultimate thing,” Fr. Andrey said at a press conference in Odessa.

According to him, “propaganda of death in today’s youth culture has too many faces, advocating homosexuals, drugs and contraceptives, and a casual attitude to abortion. Abortion is viewed as some minor cosmetic surgery to improve the figure.”

Therefore, we can set only one thing over against this kind of “thoughtless tsunami”, that is, the world of “religious supervalues”, by way of a “missionary breakthrough” in the Russian Orthodox Church,” Fr. Andrey, a well-known missionary himself, believes.

“It is too late to assure our grandmothers that abortions are no good and contraception may cause their children to become migrant workers in Moscow. Consequently, we have to get these ideas over to young people,” Fr. Andrey said and added that, he knows no “person among the highest clergy other than Metropolitan Kirill” who could successfully meet such challenge.

“There was nothing unexpected in the election of Metropolitan Kirill as acting head (of the Church – IF). We need a comparatively young and healthy person on this position,” Echo radio, Ukraine, quotes Deacon as saying.