Metropolitan Agafangel Memorandum to Extraordinay Sobor on Possible Schism in ROCOR-A

November 28, 2014  (Source:

(warning: machine translation)

The Russian Church Abroad was always a free, independent religious organization. And precisely because of its independence and free voice in the modern world it was, on the one hand, a reliable support of Christian confessors, and on the other, are a nuisance “miroderzhatelyam [Chrsim-holder?] of this world.” Therefore, during the existence of the Church Abroad enemies of Christ tried to destroy it – split, denigrate its representatives, quarrel with each other, and so it lay, that is, do anything to weaken it and eventually get it out of existence .

Nowadays, seeing that it was not possible to completely destroy the Russian Church Abroad in 2007, because it is alive and growing, “the counsel of the ungodly,” apparently decided to continue the work on its destruction. Today we can say that makes another large-scale attempt to arrange a schism in the Orthodox Church.

We can not know the details of the plan of the current attempts to split the ROCOR, but we can see its external manifestations associated with the preparation of a new division – elements arbitrarily, violation of the canons, conspiracies, intrigues, defamation of unwanted members of the Church and, as a result, an open revolt against the ROCOR on their own initiative in meeting Naverezhe.

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