Missionary Activity in the Czech Republic (GOC-K)

January 30, 2015  (Source: http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr)

On the eve of the great feast of Holy Nativity last year (2014), according to the ecclesiastical calendar, in our Holy Church of St. John (Maximovitch) in Giezntovtse of Trest in the Czech Republic, the home of  the Diocese of Moravia, Ljuba (Agapios) Paflitsek was a catechumen for two years.

The baptism was performed by the priest of the temple and spiritual father of the neophyte, the Presbyter Jeremias Tvak, with approximately 20 other Orthodox Faithful in attendance.

The neophyte Agapios is a professional photographer and had visited the Church of St. John in 2011, as an envoy of a news agency in order to take pictures. He was impressed by the Orthodox worship, and began to visit the church, and ultimately, requested to become one of the catechumens.

In spring of last year he visited the Monastery of St. Cyprian and Justina in Fili and made the decision to proceed with Baptism.

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