OCA Cathedral Hosts Trans-religious Syncretist Event

January 30, 2015  (Source: http://thevillager.com)

Religious groups agree that through the music of their respective faiths a certain harmony prevailed on Jan. 25 at the sixth annual Spiritual Sounds of the East Village.

Buddhists, Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians and Hindus congregated that night at the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection on E. Second St. to exhibit the sounds of their faiths, as well as tolerance for all people. Local Muslims had to cancel at the last moment, but 11 other ensembles performed music from persuasions as diverse as the Bhakti Center — Hare Krishnas — to The Catholic Worker with The Filthy Rotten System Band.

The event exemplified the possibility for unity among all people just as terrorism and war threaten to further divide people of different religions worldwide, according to organizer Anthony Donovan, who began life as a Catholic but now identifies as nondemoninational.

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