Bulgarian Old Calendar Church under Bp. Photios Enters Communion with GOC-K

February 02, 2015  (Source: http://www.bulgarian-orthodox-church.org)

According to the website of the Bulgarian Old Calendar Orthodox Church under Bishop Photios of Triaditza, formal ecclesiastical communion was established between it and the GOC-K on January 13/26.  This formally brings all the old sister synods of the former Synod in Resistance into open communion with the GOC-K (with the Synod in Resistance being disbanded and absorbed).

In 2015 Bishop Photios had met with Archbishop Kallinikos and other bishops in Greece. According to the statement:

“During the talks both sides confirmed that there are no barriers of a doctrinal nature to prevent the establishment of a formal ecclesiastical communion between the two Sister Churches.  As a result of this mutual understand being established, His Grace Bishop Photios put his signature under the general ecclesiological document entitled ” The True Orthodox Church and the Heresy of Ecumenism – Dogmatic and Canonical Issues”, along with the signature of the heads of the three Sister Churches—the Church of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece, the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, and the Romanian Old Calendar Orthodox Church.”

Previously, there had been tension in Bulgaria between members of the GOC-K and members of Bishop Photios’ jurisdiction.


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