PHOTOGALLERY: Protests Against “Corpus Christi” Play in Greece

Why You Just Can’t Trust Snopes

The gay agenda play “Corpus Christi” has made it to Greece– and True Orthodox are not happy about it.

The play centers around the production of a play written in 1998 by Terrence McNally depicting Jesus Christ as a homosexual. Its release in Greece has sparked protests from True Orthodox around the country. On October 5, Bishop Porphyrios of Martyropolis led a protest against the release of the play, along with a number of community leaders.

The play first became well-known as a “false rumor” in supposed fact-checking site Snopes due to the fact that the film “Corpus Christi”, based on the play, is a documentary about the sacreligious play’s production, as opposed to an adaptation of the film itself. Snopes is funded by George Soros, a financier of liberal causes.