Avlonian Synod Ecclesial Declaration

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January 3, 2011
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January 6, 2011

Avlonian Synod Ecclesial Declaration

Metropolitan Angelos of Avlona, the president of the Genuine Orthodox Church of the Patristic Calendar, issued a ecclesial statment in Synod recently. The statment makes clear the position that the New Calendarists, Ecumenists, and Modernist World Orthodox have no grace in their Mysteries. Furthermore there must be no communion or concord in prayer or Sacraments with them.

Met. Angelos is in communion with the Milan Synod, and it is possible, according to some sources, that a similar declaration may come from the various other Synods Met. Angelos is in communion with (albeit, phrased differently for different circumstances).

Click the title for the full statement in Greek and English.


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