MP-Milan Priest Sends “Invitation” to Metropolia clergy to join “New Milan Synod”

Former Metr. Evloghios vested as a priest while attempting to enter the MP. (, March 2013)

UPDATE (8/28 NS) The public forum on the Euphrosynos Cafe has moved Fr Roman’s polemic to the private forums. Although the Evlogians consider the Sergianists to be without fault and recognize the Moscow Patriarchate as their mother Church, they are still inexplicably counted among the True Orthodox on the Cafe.

Clergy of the American Metropolia received emails Sunday and Monday from a Fr Roman Lubsky under former Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan, claiming that they wish to place the clergy “under their protection” while asserting that Metropolitan John of New York and Bishop Fanourios of Lincoln will be “tried and deposed” in December. The emails directed the reader to a rambling website claiming that Metropolitan John will be–unbelievably considering the circumstances under which he and Metropolitan Evloghios broke communion in 2011— “charged and deposed for heresy”.

Both Fr Enoch and this writer have received the letter, apparently sent to clergy throughout the American Metropolia. The only public forum to allow publicity for Fr Roman’s “polemical website” (and move any disagreement to private forums) was the Euphrosynos Cafe, which has since moved any discussion of the matter to the private forums.

The Metropolia declined to make any official statement; however, a source close to the Metropolitan summarized the situation rather incredulously as follows: “Former Metropolitan Evloghios, at the instigation of Archbishop Abundius, publicly and notoriously abandoned his episcopate, claiming that he was solely a priest due to that being his rank in the Moscow Patriarchate before he joined himself to the True Orthodox Church. When our Metropolitan Church was so raised, Evloghios told Vladika John that ‘we are now equals’. The documentation of [Evloghios’] renunciation and petition to the Moscow Patriarchate is public. So now he and former Bishop Abundius plan to get together and ‘depose’ us by themselves? Does he have another 12 Bishops who are going to try us one by one?”

The letter from Fr Roman Lubsky to multiple clergy– including this writer–reads as follows:

Reverend Father,

I am writing this informal letter, to ask You to consider that the attitude anticanonical and against the peace, of your church in the name of the “bishop” of New York (consisting of a widespread disinformation via the Internet), is leading our church to consider that the best way is “the defense of the orthodoxy of the Holy of Milan and Aquileia”, is clarity. From what you can read on the Internet (, the Synod of Milan is about to meet, to judge the case of “bishop” J. of New York and to safeguard the spiritual health of the Parishes at the moment under his “omophor”. The Tomos of autonomy (not autocephaly) which you have received, is stricly related to the STATUTE OF THE HOLY METROPOLITAN CHURCH OF WESTERN EUROPE AND CANADA (October 13, 1996). I remind You that Your Mother Church is in Milan and Aquileia (but I think You know this very well). In the many and many blogs used by the “bishop” of New York to defame our (mine and Yours) Metropolitan of Aquileia, is never mentioned the “statute of our Church” drafted in 1996 and reconfirmed by the Great Synod in 1997 and currently “still valid”. This is a serious failure on the part of the “bishop” in New York. According to the Step I and VI of the Statute the attitude of “bishop” New York is clearly aticanonical (for anything he done so far towards its mother church). I should point out that our church holds serious interference of the “bishop” in New York on his Mother Church, the Apostolic See of Milan and Aquileia. – As stated in the October 13, 1996, the statute appears to be inviolable and there are acts that have been added ADDENDA.

The reasons for judgment will be communicated with clarity, I assume, after the Synod of September.

Parishes of Western rite or byzantine rite, that wish to resume contact with their Mother church of Milan and Aquileia, in order to avoid canonical [sic]judge, can do so, before and after the decisions of the Holy Synod in September. If the parishes canonical, who have remained faithful to their Mother Church of Aquileia and Milan, wanted Spiritual Protection, can already do so by contacting the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Church of Milan and Longobardia – Metropolitan of Aquileia, Western Europe and Canada ( First [sic]immediatly to commemorate the name of the Metropolitan of Aquileia and Archbishop of Milan and It temporarily remove the name of “bishop” in New York from the diptychs of the churches since the final judgment of the Holy See of Milan and Aquileia.

I hoped until the end that we could not reach these extremes, but unfortunately the Lord did not want to calm the ardor of the defamatory former “bishop” New York.

The reasons for the allegations will be thoroughly justified and nothing will be left to chance.

Your Brother in Christ,

Father Roman

We pray that the “bishop” of New York should repent and [sic]returne to the orthodoxy of the Faith.


This letter is private, informal and [sic] unuffivial

You can read some informetion on the web site of the Free Western Orthododox Observer – ATHANASIOS PRESS –

Apparently this “Orthodoxy” on the website listed still includes recognition of the acts of ROCOR-MP, meaning that the very reason that former Metropolitan Evloghios  abandoned True Orthodoxy remains wholly unchanged.

Metropolia sources indicate the response of the Metropolia’s Sister Churches in Greece and Russia was that former Metropolitan Evloghios is to be regarded as a simple and unrepentant monk.