TOC-R: Official Warning Issued to Macedonian Group

A warning was issued by Archbishop Rosistlav (Melnikov) of the True Orthodox Church of Russia under Metropolitan Raphael of Moscow on October 8 (NS) to an independent group in Macedonia concerning the use of their name and images. The website originally contained pictures of Metropolitan Raphael in some sections, although there are no formal relations– and the Synod became concerned that they would be considered associated with the group. There is an apparent invitation, dated last year, to a Synod meeting– the statement is unclear as to whether this was a rescinded invitation or a forgery. As of October 12, a variety of links still appeared on the right-hand side of the site, including that of the TOC-R.

The official text reads (through Google Translate) as follows:


With the blessing of His Holiness the Archbishop of Moscow, Metropolitan of All-Raphael – the Head of the True Orthodox Church (Russia) We appeal to you – Rostislav Eminence, Archbishop of Kazan and Volgograd, the President of the Synod of the publishing and information department of centralized religious organization «True Orthodox Church» (Russia).
The monitoring of the Internet 8 October 2012 for the presence of active sites and blogs of the True Orthodox Church in Russia and abroad, and found the following.
The link – operates your site that is illegal and not having the proper authorization, according to the existing rules of international law on the possession of the copyright, and according to the norms of canon law – the blessing and permission of the Primates of the True Orthodox Churches, the written approval of the Holy Synods of the True Orthodox Churches on the right to open and work on the Internet of the site of church-jurisdictional focus and titles –
We officially declare and demand:
a 7-day period prior to October 15, 2012, with the departure of the network of e-mail this official statement, you must immediately removed from the site all materials, including: photos, Internet links , videos and any written information concerning: a centralized religious organization “True Orthodox Church” in Russia under the omophorion His Holiness the Archbishop of Moscow, Metropolitan of All-Raphael, and of the Holy Synod, Metropolitan fatherly Calendar True Orthodox Church of Greece under Metropolitan Angelos.
In case of non fulfillment of the requirements in an official statement, the synodal decision will be taken immediately and complete:
1. Appeal to the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow (Russia) for illegal use of the information, including the name of someone else’s territorial state in Europe.
2. Appeal to the prosecutor geographically the location site for verification site and block it.
3. Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, according to the accepted international legal norms and legal protection of copyright and illegal use of another’s information.
On the performance requirements of the application are waiting for your official notification on the above date by e-mail news blog «TOC: Information and Analysis» («True Orthodox Church: Information and Analysis») of the Synod of the publishing and information department centralized religious organization «True Orthodox Church» (Russia), and e-mail address Office of the Holy Synod of the centralized organization «True Orthodox Church» (Russia).
This statement is published in the Information Blog «TOC: information and analysis» of the Synod of the publishing and information department of centralized religious organization «True Orthodox Church» (Russia) and the existing media of the TOC in the Internet to inform users about the illegality of the use of the author’s information and material. The official statement of requirements is published in Russian and English.
Publishing and chairman of the Synodal
information department of the Centralized
religious organization «True Orthodox Church» –
+ Archbishop Rostislav