ROCOR-A: Metropolitan Agafangel’s visit to USA and Canada

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Metropolitan Agafangel arrived in the U.S. in the Dallas airport the evening of 21 September. He was met by Subdeacon our Ascension parish John Herbst and drove to the hotel. The next day the Primate met with the rector of the Ascension parish Master Joseph, Archpriest Gregory Williams and clergy Ascension parish Priest John Hinton, Deacon Andrew Frick and Subdeacon John Herbst and Seraphim Engelhardt.



That evening the Lord prayed for Agafangel Vigil and went to Polyelaion.



On Sunday, September 24, Metropolitan Agafangel Divine Liturgy with His Eminence Joseph, Bishop of Washington in Protopriest Gregory Williams and Priest John Hinton when Demetrius Dobronravova deacons and Andrew Fricke.




After the service, the meal was, for which Lord Agafangel answered numerous questions parishioners.



On the same day the Lord has left for New York.

October 25 at Tolstoy Farm in Valley Cottage, indoor children’s school ROCOR (in which they teach about 300 children), there was a meeting of representatives of the New York and Syracuse dioceses attended Bishop Andronicus, Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas, the clergy of his diocese, and Mother Superior St. Nicholas Monastery agape.



At the meeting heard reports and decisions, particularly in relation to the Pension Fund (decided to collect funds for the Foundation each year on the Sunday of Myrrh-Bearers), set monthly payments for the purchase of the parishes of the Synod House unanimously passed a resolution in favor of anathema Sergianism and condemnation of communism. Adopted proposals for the establishment of the seminary courses, organizing pilgrimages and conferences. Archpriest Gregory Williams informed the meeting with the position of our Mission in Haiti, Oleg Rodzianko told about the lawsuit regarding church in Nyack, NY, and Peter N. Koltypin of his works to raise awareness of our Church. The meeting was held in a fraternal and friendly atmosphere.



The next day, 25 September, Lord Agafangel visited in hospital seriously ill archdeacon of Job, where Archpriest Gregory Kotlyarov was otsuzhen prayers for his health.

September 26th, in the morning feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in the Church of St. Sergius at Tolstoy Farm Metropolitan Agafangel performed the rite of the Holy Cross.

On the feast of the Exaltation of the Lord Agafangel headed in this temple Divine Liturgy concelebrated by Fr Abbot Gregory Kotlyarova deacon at Dimitri Dobronravova.

After the Liturgy, a common meal in the area of children’s school, for which the Lord spoke to the parishioners of the church.

September 28 Metropolitan Agafangel visited religious center in Mountain View, where work is underway to repair and reconstruction. Almost ready dome and a cross for the church, which the gilding is in the final stage. Is also ready and the iconostasis, which lacks only the Scriptures holiday icons.

After Mountain View Agafangel Metropolitan and Archbishop Andronicus visited Priest Nikita Grigoriev.

Then the bishops went to Nicholas Monastery Mother agape, where the morning after serving midnight, lord Agafangel and Andronicus, accompanied by Deacon Dimitri Dobronravova, went to Canada.

In these days of Resurrection Church in Toronto celebrated its 45th anniversary.

For the All-Night Vigil, September 29, the Lord came to Agafangel polyeleos.

The next day, Sunday, on the clock, Metropolitan Agafangel tonsured a reader church parishioner Thomas (Teimuraz) Bekurishvili.

After which reader Thomas was raised in Subdeacon.

At the entrance to the Gospel Metropolitan Agafangel raised abbot Ascension Church in Toronto priest George Sachevskogo rank of archpriest.

By OFFER Sacrament Subdeacon Thomas was ordained a deacon.

After the service, a banquet on the occasion of the 45 years anniversary of Ascension Church and all priluchivshihsya for this significant event celebrations.

October 1st Metropolitan Agafangel arrived in Ottawa. October 2 meeting Met. Agathangel with parishioners of Xenia, where it was decided to ask the rector Archpriest Oleg Mironov take care of the information about the events taking place in Canada, and the treasurer of the parish Alla Ivask keep track of donations received by the Canadian Diocese.

The temple Xenia completed work on the iconostasis and murals installed mosaic above the entrance to the temple.

October 3 Metropolitan Agafangel left for New York.

October 4 Agafangel Lord met with Alexander Bondarev, chairman of the charity fund “Development Fund for CIS” (CIS Development Foundation, Inc.) . He and his wife Mary for many years sent our arrival in Odessa charitable aid, which is then distributed to orphanages, homes for the elderly and the thousands of people in need. Alexander recently purchased the abandoned property of the company “homeland” and led it in perfect condition. Now here is the spiritual center of the Russian

October 5th Metropolitan Agafangel met with parishioners from New York. At this meeting, the Lord blessed the congregation to form after Myrrhbearers to raise funds for the purchase of the house and of the Synod of education during his home church. Metropolitan Agafangel also had a meeting with Princess Irina Bagration Mukhrani.

On Saturday, October 6, Metropolitan Agafangel prayed for All-Night Vigil in the Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, and the next day headed Sunday Divine Liturgy concelebrated by Archpriest Vsevolod Dutikow, Priest Victor Dobrov and Anthony Gunina deacon at Dimitri Dobronravova.

On the same evening Metropolitan Agafangel left for Odessa.