Metropolitan Agathangel’s USA visit with photos

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Metropolitan Agathangel in the U.S.

September 23 – October 10, 2010

September 23 evening Metropolitan Agafangel arrived in the U.S. and from Kennedy Airport arrived in Astoria in our Holy Trinity Parish (rector Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow), where he met and conversed with some of our parishioners. Sept. 25 Bishop goes to Boston, where the evening of that day prayed for All-Night Vigil in conjunction with the abbot of the temple. Dimitri Amelchenko and rector of the Greek parish. George .. The next day, the lord Agafangel the Divine Liturgy with Father Rector at deacon Dimitri Dobronravov.
After the service was a common meal. 
On the same day Metropolitan Agafangel goes to Washington, where our Holy Ascension parish, performed the rite of the Holy Cross. After the service, held a private meeting of the Metropolitan Agathangel with parishioners, for which the lord answered numerous questions. The next day, the lord Agafangel headed festive Divine Liturgy concelebrated by Bishop Joseph, Bishop of Washington and Archpriest Gregory Williams at deacon John Hinton. After the liturgy was a meal at the end of which the lord Agafangel discussed with Fr. Gregory questions in our missionary work.
That evening Bishop arrived at the airport, the San Diego (California) and came to the Holy Resurrection monastery in the town of Fallbrook. The next day, Metropolitan Agafangel met with parishioners of the Greek parish (rector Fr. Jacob Franz) and 29 September departed for New York. Sept. 30 Bishop met with the Russian Center for Churchwarden Yuri Lukin, with whom they discussed the use of buildings in Mountain View Manor Home. From 1 to October 2, Metropolitan Agafangel been in the building of our foreign centers.
Located there Transfiguration Cathedral, in accordance with the monastic tradition, the inhabitants of the daily deducted Compline and Midnight.
October 2 at night praying for the lord of All-Night Vigil, and on October 3, together with Archbishop Andronicus along with Mitred Archpriest Gregory Kotlyarova at archdeacon Job and ierodyakone Makarios, the Divine Liturgy in the Church of St. Sergius at Tolstoy Farm.
By entering the Great Metropolitan Agafangel ierodyakona ordained a priest Macarius.
At the end of the liturgy was made a procession around the church and held a common meal.
The next day, October 4, held a joint meeting of the New York and Syracuse Dioceses, which addressed issues of current life, and outlined steps for the development of diocesan life. Minutes of the Diocesan Congress can be read here.
On the same day the lord has arrived in Canada, where the evening in the church hall was a meeting with the parish council Ottawa parish in honor of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg. October 5 at 6:30 pm Metropolitan Agafangel along with the parish of Archpriest Oleg Mironov at archdeacon Job, celebrated a prayer service with Akathist Xenia St Petersburg, after which a meeting of parishioners to Bishop in which he spoke about the situation of our Church and responded to questions .
October 6, Metropolitan Agafangel goes to Toronto where he celebrated a prayer service with Akathist and met with our parishioners.
October 7 Bishop returned to Ottawa and from thence he returned to New York. October 9 Metropolitan Agafangel prayed for the All-Night Vigil, and October 10 Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church, assisted by Archpriest Vsevolod Dutikow Rector and Priest Victor Dobrova at deacon Dimitri Dobronravov. After the liturgy was a common meal.
The evening of Oct. 10 Bishop departed from New York and 11 October arrived in Odessa.