Statement of Archbishop John concerning 2005 letter spreading throughout the Internet

In response to claims that the Milan Synod is deliberately suppressing a letter that was allegedly from Metropolitan Evlogios of Milan (or even more strangely, that NFTU is hiding an “important story”), we asked Archbishop John of New York to clarify more information about the material in question. He made the following statement to clarify the matter.

“Recently there has been a letter purporting to come from the Milan Synod in 2005, concerning questions about ecumenism.

The letter in question was originally written by one bishop of the Milan Synod who is no longer with the Synod, it has never been presented for a vote by the Bishops of the Milan Synod and therefore has never been adopted as a policy of the Milan Synod. The Synod remains committed to its stance against ecumenism, and a new statement regarding the continuance of that policy is being prepared and will be presented shortly.¬† — Archbishop John”