Milan Synod Archbishop Issues Apology To Cyprianites

Editor-This is a small, but, encouraging step toward a possible reconciliation. Lacking in some aspects that many might desire, it does at least express a recognition of a complex and sorrowful situation.

Public Letter By Archbishop Lucca On Metropolitan Kyprianos

On The Canonical Situation Of The Various Jurisdictions In Greece

Our Metropolia has been asked several times whether we have seemed to change our position in regards to the Old Calendar jurisdiction of Fili.

Our answer is the following one: we know all that all the faithful of the Synod of Fili are greatly disturbed by the sad misfortune concerning Metropolitan Kyrpianos; that is, he has been in a coma for over a year. We also express our sorrow and co-suffering in the trajic events surrounding Metropolitan Kyprian and extend our sympathies to the Metropolia of Fili; we also have, as of this time, renounced everything of a negative nature that had been said about Metropolitan Kyprian.

In spite of this serious situation from the human point of view, we cannot, however, forget that we have a duty towards the truth.

As matters are at the present, we continuously inform our clergy as to the delicate situation surrounding the Metropolia of Fili; that is, that nearly the totality of the Old Calendar jurisdictions of Greece do not recognize the Synod of Fili because of a suspect ecclesiology and other issues of a theological nature . These reservations were also expressed in the past by the Russian Church Abroad, which, in 2007, united with the Moscow Patriarchate. (Editor-Similar reservations about Metropolitan Kyrpian’s ecclesial opinions were expressed by the famed canonist Bishop Gregory (Grabbe).)

It is therefore the duty of our Holy Synod to maintain a benevolent attitude, but, at the same time, we must also maintain a distance due to the theological views of Fili; due mainly to the lack of recognition by the other Synods in Greece.

We ourselves predict that this disagreeable situation can be soon resolved, and thus all doubt dispelled.

We do not wish to judge, but we prudently advise our clergy to maintain certain distance in these doctrinal positions, while giving minimal offense to our brothers in Fili. Thus, even if we have been slandered in the past by the Synod of Fili, and been the object of judgment by them, we henceforth forgive any and all offense due to their uncharitable attitude.

We hope that in this sad situation, any atmosphere of unnecessary judgment and uncalled for fanatisicism will be dispelled, since such is not a time for fanatical attempts at judgmentalism.

Archbishop Lucca of Torcello

Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Milan

Milan 5 November 2009