Moscow-area Parish Transfers from RTOC to ROCOR-PSCA

(Voskresenka, Moscow Region) The Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov in the city of Voskresenka, Moscow region, along with its pastor Hieromonk Ignatiy (Krutkov), has left the Russian True Orthodox Church (under Abp Tikhon of Omsk) and joined the ROCOR-Provisional Supreme Church Authority under Bp Agafangel. A letter was posted on the ROCOR-PSCA’s internet site explaining the reasons for the departure.

To the Most Reverend Tikhon, Archbishop of Omsk and Siberia, from Hieromonk Ignatiy (Krutkov):

I learned today that on Apr. 27May 10, 1982, B. Lazarus (Zhurbenko) of blessed memory in his Confession and his promise as a Bishop gave his word before the Holy Gospel to remain true to the ROCOR and sealed it with his signature (“…and in all things to serve always the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia…”). I also learned, along with other facts that bespeak of Archbishop Lazarus belonging to the ROROR hierarchy, that he was considered the ROCOR representative in Russia (Protocol No. 1 of the ROCOR Sobor of Bishops on Apr.25May8 1990). On this basis, I came to the realization that without the approval of the ROCOR Sobor of Bishops, the creation of the RTOC Synod in July, 2003, was uncanonical and a willful action. Metropolitan Vitaliy (Ustinov) spoke of this in one of his last opinions, when he said that the matter was too important and required a determination at a Sobor. To this day, within the RTOC, I heard only that B. Lazarus was ordained as a bishop of the Catacomb Church and had the right to rule independently on that basis. In actuality, he was ordained to serve the catacomb parishes, though as a member of the ROCOR hierarchy, much as B. Daniel of Erie serves the Old Calendar parishes, while a member of the ROCOR hierarchy. Therefore I notify you that as of this day, I am leaving the ranks of clergy who are subordinate to the unlawlful Synod headed by you. I am extremely hopeful that the RTOC bishops will participate in the Vth All-Diaspora Sobor to work on a Sobor determination of this matter.