Moscow Patriarchate Owns Hotel That Helps Offer Abortions

Moscow Patriarchate Owns Hotels That Helps Offer Abortions

Probably one of the worst things I’ve seen.  Was it not enough for the Ecumenical Patriarch to say aborting children (like ‘retarded’ kids) was alright; must the Moscow Patriarch now own hotels (which are described as ‘great spiritual centers’) which help people get abortions? Can this wake some people up to what the MP is? Not a Church, but a Soviet creation of a Schism, which in turn got big, and now is a money making machine bent on political power and compromise to the nth degree.

Article date March 9th, 2012

The Hotel “Danilovskaya” built “for the reception of travelers” in the buffer zone of St. Daniel Monastery in 1988, the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. Above the main entrance of the hotel is the logo and the Patriarch stated that the property belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate. The hotel hosts ROC conferences and receives delegations and guests from the hospitality peculiar to Russia, according to the site of the hotel . The “Danilov” Conference hall is decorated with the emblem of the Patriarch and many icons.

For More, go here. Among other surgeries offered is “virginity restoration” surgery. This fits right in line with the Patriarchate’s general objective of offering a facade of the truth.

Hat tip to the TOC (R) official site for finding this.