Abp Abundius formally rejects his rank to join the Moscow Patriarchate

Hat tip: M.D. In an exclusive interview with Anti-Raskol, a sort of World Orthodox anti-Portal Credo.ru,  devoted to lumping together True Orthodox with vagantes and reporting on them, Abp Abundius (Bica) revealed that the reason for his recent “downgrade” to priestly rank was self-imposed to speed union with the Moscow Patriarchate.  It is no longer clear whether Abundius is acting under obedience to Metropolitan Evloghios or on his own.

In the interview, he states “I, Avondios already resigned from my post as archbishop of the “Orthodox Archdiocese of Milan and Aquileia” (“Holy Synod of Milan”). I want to note that, initially, all the priests and bishops “of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Milan and Aquileia,” decided to reunite with the Orthodox Mother Church – the Moscow Patriarchate. Keeping a firm position and wanting to end the turmoil of the church, I personally apologize to the Patriarch of Moscow for my sins…. This statement I make on behalf of the priests of one mind “of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Milan and Aquileia,” who wish to enter into full communion with the Russian Orthodox Church.”

A careful reading of the document makes it wholly unclear who Abundius represents, if anyone, or whether he is acting alone. One thing is certain: further change is underway in the Milan Synod, if no one is quite sure what change that is.