MP Accused of politics and propaganda in Ukraine !

Donii Accuses Russian Church of Liquidating Ukrainian Statehood-

The Moscow Patriarchate is one of the mechanisms to liquidate the state of Ukraine, said a Ukrainian deputy from the Our Ukraine – National Self-Defense Block Faction, Oles Donii, to a correspondent of

“As for the visit of Patriarch Kirill, one must understand that the Russian Orthodox Church, in whose subordination is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, still treats the Ukrainian culture and language without respect and therefore treats the fundamentals of the Ukrainian statehood. There is still no permission granted for the Ukrainian translation of the Bible, and one can not talk about equal right relations between the peoples and churches,” stressed the politician.

“Therefore, unfortunately, the ROC [Russian Orthodox Church] is not so much an institute of spirituality as an institute of politics and propaganda. And it is now used as one of the mechanisms of liquidating the Ukrainian statehood. And as Russian nationalists have come to power in Ukraine, one can talk about the coincidence of interests of the Russian leadership and the political forces currently at power in Ukraine,” noted Donii