MP & Muslim leader meet, discuss cooperation

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill met Tuesday with the chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Caucasus Allahshukur Pasha -zade, and discussed prospects for interfaith cooperation in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
“Always the theme of our meetings are the relations between the Orthodox and Muslims, between representatives of different religions, including the CIS. I hope that this timely conversation we talk about our plans for joint activities in Russia, Azerbaijan, the Caucasus and the CIS “- Said the patriarch Cyril first meeting , which took place in his working residence in Moscow .
Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church thanked Allahshukur Pasha- zade for the great work he is doing ” as a supreme Islamic leader of the Caucasus, as a man who has very great authority in the Islamic world, ” ITAR -TASS . “From your words, position in life depends largely on inter-religious peace not only in Azerbaijan and all the vast expanses of the CIS ” , – said the patriarch .
He recalled the successful holding of the World Summit of Religious Leaders , held in April this year in Baku . “This meeting had a major positive impact on the work of the Interreligious Council of the CIS , but also provided an opportunity to translate inter-religious dialogue from the purely religious to the religious- state level ” , – stressed the head of the ROC .
Паша-задеIn turn, Allahshukur Pasha -zade, paid tribute to the work of the patriarch Cyril , stressing that “not only in the Russian Orthodox world, but in the Muslim “head of the ROC has ” great authority “. μ Pasha- zade said the same things he said at the recent summit meeting in Saudi Arabia’s 50 th anniversary of the League of Arab States.
“Our joint work in this direction are evaluated not only in the religious world, but also by the leaders of nations. To our dialogue, want to join not only the leaders of CIS countries , but also other countries ” – said the Mufti of Azerbaijan .
” personally grateful for the support of our ideas resolution of the Karabakh problem by peaceful means. It is very important for our people and our Muslim ” , – said Pasha- zade. He highlighted the importance of the fact that the World Religious Summit in Baku visited the Catholicos of all Armenians .
” The sign of great love for your personality is that in today’s meeting was attended by my closest friends and my son, ” – with a smile Pasha – zade . ” You will remain a great friend of our people, our Muslim and it is very important for solving problems that may arise before us in the future “- said he hoped Allahshukur Pasha – zade. The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Moscow Polad Bulbuloglu .
In November 2009, Patriarch Cyril arrived in Baku to celebrate the 60 th anniversary Allahshukur Pasha – zade, and in April this year – the organized them in the capital of Azerbaijan, the World Summit of Religious Leaders . The summit brought together heads of major Christian , Islamic , Jewish and Buddhist communities, as well as authoritative representatives of Hindu , Sikh and Shinto traditions from around the world .
The beginning of such meetings was put on interfaith peace forum in Moscow with the chairman of the Caucasus Muslims in 2000 and 2004. Then, in 2004, was formed by the Interreligious Council of the CIS, co-chaired by the Patriarch (then Metropolitan ), Cyril and Allahshukur Pasha – zade.