Follow up: Gregory of Colorado’s Single-Handed Consecration: Don’t Let Anyone Find Out?

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It appears Gregory of Colorado is reading NFTU, and has adjusted his history of the “reception” (or single-handed consecration?) of Ambrose (Moran-Dolgorovky) of New York. Within days, a backdated version of the “history” of the reception of Archbishop Ambrose now included the following.

“On July 27, 2008, a letter written and signed by Archbishop Ambrose was received by the holy Synod, portraying the Synod of the GOC of America as non-existent. Archbishop Ambrose signed it as the Metropolitan of Kiev and the Exarch of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, thus reverting back to his former status as part of World Orthodoxy.

On July 29, 2008, a Synod meeting of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America was held, taking note of the unfortunate actions of Archbishop Ambrose, in which the Synod declared that he is no longer part of the GOC of America, having broken canons that forbid him from separating from his lawful Synod.”

While many felt that Ambrose would eventually leave in horror, as most everyone has left Dormition Skete eventually, we still have an unfortunate remaining question.

Which of two uncanonical paths did Gregory of Colorado take to make his servant, Fr George (Egan) a Bishop? Did he choose to recognize the literally dozens of independent “Bishops” claiming that they were “granted the right to exist by the Patriarchate of Alexandria” to receive Ambrose by chierothesia (singlehandedly)? Or did he singlehandedly consecrate a Bishop?

The letter seems to imply it is the former case– which would then mean that Gregory assumed he had the authority to receive in a non-Bishop as a Bishop alone. But if this is the case, it means that, once again, Fr George was singlehandedly consecrated by his mentor.

Truly, the real victim in this is the so-called “Archbishop” Ambrose (Moran), who looks like a nice old fellow and was looking for a true and canonical Church to retire to. We are saddened that he fell for Gregory of Colorado’s sales pitch, and wish him well, hoping he will find a proper True Orthodox Church to join.