New Demands for Patriarch Theophilos III to Step Down

NFTU: It seems what goes around comes around. They got rid of Pat. Irenaeus, so that they could install George Tenet’s cousin, Theophilos III. The presumed reason was the very same accusation of land deals; land deals that were, in fact, made in the waning years of the half-dead Patriarch Diodoros when he was too sick to even know what he was doing. The Phanar was behind all of it, and its allies; they didn’t want to take any chances, and the officialdom of World Orthodoxy, predictably, could have cared less.

Original Source:

The recently revealed secret sale of Greek Orthodox land in Jerusalem to private investors is reportedly pitting Palestinians and Greek nationals within the church against one another and causing tensions between Palestinian Christians inside and outside of the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinians in the West Bank and Jordan have reportedly called for the ouster of the current Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos lll, following revelations that the church sold off key real estate in West Jerusalem, land that was part of Israel even before the 1967 war.

And some are criticizing the Palestinian Authority for not having done anything to stop or reverse the sales.

The Greek Orthodox Church — the second biggest owner of land in Israel after the Israel Lands Authority — acquired some 4,500 dunams (1,110 acres) of real estate in the center of Jerusalem during the 19th century, primarily for agriculture. In the 1950s, just after Israel’s independence, it agreed to lease its land to the Jewish National Fund for 99 years — with an option to extend.

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