Nativity Epistle 2011/2012: Metr Damascene of Moscow (RusOC)

 CHRISTMAS MESSAGEMetropolitan of Moscow and All-Russiaarchpastors, pastors, monastics, and all the faithfulRussian Orthodox Church

My dear hierarchs, priests, monks and nuns, brothers and sisters – loving and honorable children of the Russian Orthodox Church!
Christ is born – glorify Christ from heaven – sryaschite Christ on earth – ascend. Sing to the Lord all the earth and joy Sing lyudie, Thou glorified (Heirmos first ode of the canon at Christmas).
Let us rejoice, brothers and sisters, for the Creator and Ruler of the universe – Christ is our God in this vsepamyatny day, for us men and for our salvation, came down from heaven and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and became man.
I congratulate you with Christmas and the Epiphany!
In the darkness of a fallen world Vifliemskaya star shone with divine light and pointed the way to the holy Magi Infant Christ Jesus. And through them, and all of us – men. The light of Christ has not died out. And thousands of years later he is burning and calls us to salvation. But the weak and infirm people. Because few people see His divine light and follow Christ.
Temptations and temptations, the sins and vices, lack of faith and faithlessness have become the norm for many. Thank God that not all! The world has the Divine Child Jesus in a cattle cave. Other place for him was not. And after a little while and has no place in the Promised Land. From birth to the crucifixion of Christ was persecuted in human flesh, leaving us with His Love and Salvation New Testament Church – the Orthodox Church.
We are a small flock of Christ. And in the words of the Savior – not afraid of this. We have lived and will live with Christ. Today, as always, we rejoice and celebrate His coming into this world. We cherish and protect the purity of Orthodoxy with the help of God the flock of Christ from the encroachments of the powerful.
“God with us, reason, yazytsy and pokaryaytesya, God is with us, you will hear until the last of the earth; capable, pokaryaytesya. If ye bo packs able to finish, and again the losers will be. And others like ashche soveschavaete board, bankrupt the Lord. And the word, hedgehog ashche vozglagolete, does not abide in you. Fear is your not fear, here he was troubled, God is with us “(Isaiah 8:10).
Rejoice, brothers and sisters! And let all the evil spirits tremble and fear born of their destruction of Jesus Christ. Is low this time. Coming soon Second Coming. We must prepare for Him. In fasting and praying to stay awake. Because we do not know the day nor the hour in which the Son of man cometh.
For the Russian people to Christmas – a great and very special holiday. Feast of the Epiphany, winter freshness and purity of the divine. Today he came into our souls and our hearts, opening the gates of eternity, blurring the boundaries worlds – the world natural and supernatural, and giving hope of salvation and the kingdom of heaven.
Christmas angels of His glory. He donated the Magi and the shepherds with the witness and worship.
Zasvidetelstvuem same worship and receive the grace of Christ and the Divine Child is begotten us – faithful followers of His flock and – children of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Merry Christmas to you and the Epiphany!

+ Mitropolit Damaskin,Moscow and Russian.
Christmas 2011 – 2012 city of Moscow.