Nicholas II’s cloning is possible, scientists claim

(Interfax) Geneticists believe the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II can be cloned from the bloodstain on his shirt.

“DNA contained in blood, of course, makes cloning possible. It means that a kind of “resurrection” also appears possible. However cloning of the emperor is a theoretical issue. Many countries ban human cloning,” the scientist and secretary of the Vavilov Institute of Genetics Alla Borovyagina was quoted as saying by the Zhizn za Vsyu Nedelyu weekly.

Associate of the Russian Academy of Sciences and geneticist Elsa Khusnutdinova also states that it makes no difficulty for science to get a gene from the old bloodstain and define DNA structure.

“We quite exactly define the structure of the bones that have been beneath the sod for thousands years. On the basis of DNA, we can construct the similar, but yet new cell,” she said.