OCA: Metropolitan Jonah Resigns: The OCA loses a decent accountant

On Saturday, July 7 (post dated July 8) Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA resigned, requesting only to ensure that his mother and sister could be taken care of.

NFTU has received a few letters on the matter, but because this affects neither True Orthodoxy nor the ecumenism that rages against it (not that Metropolitan Jonah is not an ecumenist, but quite the opposite, at least with the Anglicans, per his upbringing) we declined to mention it.

However, in looking at how it was handled we are forced to wonder if this was due to the fact that Metr Jonah actually favored financial transparency in the OCA. The number of articles writen about the abuse on the part of the OCA leadership of millions of dollars (yes, millions, add it up) and the constant scandals involving financial abuse testify to this. Yes, with Metropolitan Jonah gone, the OCA has lost an ecumenist leader. He will be replaced by another ecumenist leader.

Correct the editor if he’s wrong. But as I see it from here, the OCA lost something they need desperately to fix their damaged house– a decent accountant. -DJS

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