Support in June And a New Way to Support NFTU

Support Received in June

W. $10

Thank you! 

We are going to be disclosing our support as well as thanking those who personally step in to support our efforts. (Unless you indicate otherwise we will not include more than an initial publicly). NFTU is still expanding its reach and updating the site constantly to fulfill the needs of our readers. As we move closer to being able to adapt and keep up with the news (daily story roundups as well as a regularly scheduled radio show) I have been looking for a way for our readers to support NFTU without us really asking for donations, since we often ask for donations on behalf of others. We just started using Google ads, but I am still not sure how that is going to work out (certain political ads I didn’t expect caused a bit of a furor, so I had to make adjustments– sorry!) But I had a new idea.

I’ve created an Amazon Frontpage link on the top right of the NFTU page. Basically, if you click into Amazon from it, NFTU will receive a percentage of the purchase price as an affiliate. I don’t believe it affects the actual item prices, and in fact makes it easy for anyone who uses Amazon to support NFTU without really having to donate. Apparently independent news sites seem to be using this technique to some success.

What do you think, readers? Is an Amazon button worth it? Would anyone use it?

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