Official Orthodox Church of Cyprus reiterates recognition of Anglican Orders

We can’t believe we missed this… we knew that this “recognition” was “on the books”, but this is definitely the first time recently where the Cyprus Church actually states the recognition again. We are finding this note in snippets– if anyone finds the full text let us know. If the text doesn’t backtrack, this would be truly tragic.


From the official letter to the 2008 Lambeth Conference from of the Orthodox Archiepiscopate of Cyprus, represented by Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Kition:

‘Unfortunately, after the Third Lambeth Conference, which was held in the year 1888, when a particular effort was made for the promotion of the relations between the Orthodox and the Anglican Church, no substantial progress has been made in this area though a most fervent desire for their union exists in both our Churches. The Orthodox Church of Cyprus, encouraged by the progress made at the time went ahead, as is known, in the year 1923 and recognised the validity of Anglican ordainments in the hope that this would be followed by more moves towards unity between our Churches.’