Updated: Open Letter from Protopresbyter Victor Melehov to Jerome (Shaw) of ROCOR-MP


Updated: After a number of concerns about the download of the letter externally, we have uploaded the letter directly to NFTU for download. Click here. 

We don’t have words right now. Not after reading. We don’t.

But one person does– and he’s chosen to explain to Bp Jerome (Shaw) his historical errors after his open letter to HOCNA: Protopresbyter Victor Melehov of RTOC– who explains in short order why no one who was from the ROCOR can join the Moscow Patriarchate.

This open letter is worth reading– but it can’t be embedded because of the scans of ROCOR historical documents from 1983 and 1992! (Yes, it has scans of ROCOR historical documents.) So you have to download it. Click the image  or here to download.

For a full timeline of the changes in HOCNA leading to these events, click here.