Patriarch Cyril, Abortions, Gays and the Goddess Aphrodite by Vladimir Moss

January 27, 2015 (Source:

We have heard a great deal recently about the immorality of the West from Patriarch Cyril of Moscow. As we must admit with sorrow, there is much truth in this critique. Unfortunately, however, the patriarch says much less about the sins of his own flock, which must surely be his first concern… The immoralities of “the Russian world” cry out to heaven for vengeance. And vengeance will certainly come especially upon those who hypocritically condemn others for the sins that they themselves commit.


The patriarch especially likes to focus on the sexual immorality of the West, while making constant “excuses for excuses for sin” as regards the sins of the Soviet people. In a recent speech to the Russian Duma, he pointed to the good points of the Soviet years, especially its “solidarity”. Solidarity with whom? we may ask. With Christ? Surely not in the world’s first atheist state. With the millions of those killed and tortured in the camps in the 1920s and 30s or condemned to a miserable catacomb existence for their faith? No way…


Some years ago, on coming to power, the patriarch had the extraordinary audacity to say that the Red Army in 1945 had “conquered death by death”, redeeming the sins of the 1930s by their heroic exploit of saving the world from fascism. May 9, VE-Day for the Soviets, was “another Pascha”. And yet what happened at this “Pascha”? The Nazis were defeated, yes – with a cruelty and sexual voracity the like of which has not been seen since the time of Genghis Khan. 1.4 million German women in Eastern Prussia were raped, and most of the female population of Berlin were raped multiple times, often while their husbands were forced to watch. Is this conquering death by death? Or is it multiplying death by death – both spiritual and physical?


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