ROAC: Repose of Protopresbyter Vladimir Shishkoff

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The official notice of repose is here.

Protopresbyter Vladimir Shishkoff, the oldest priest of ROAC in America, and first to join the ROAC from the ROCOR as priest, reposed peacefully in the Lord on September 2. Predating and surviving the Colorado schism, nobody in ROAC was unaware of Father Vladimir’s presence and good nature. He was 82 years old.

Known for a genial and loving personality as well as a deep understanding of the Orthodox faith, Father Vladimir’s history was one that was itself colorful and unique. Due to his personal background as an emigré Russian, his skills in communication and translation were used during the Korean War. [Note: this is corrected from the original story where the author inadvertenly wrote “WWII”– editor] For 31 years, he was a priest of Our Lady of Kazan Church in New Jersey until 2001, when he joined the ROAC.

More details, such as the funeral arrangements, will hopefully be forthcoming. Metropolitan Valentine will preside at the funeral. Fr Vladimir had many friends in Orthodoxy, and will not be forgotten.

Vichnaya Pamyat!

Google translation of Fr Michael Ardov’s words, concerning Fr Vladimir, to Portal-Credo.

My friend has died, Father Vladimir Shishkov, whom I met in 1993 in June in the town of Suzdal, where I came to join the Orthodox Church. There we met with him, and further our relationship was completely cloudless, in general, until the last days.

He was seriously ill in recent years. In February this year, I even specially flew to America to see him: I knew that he had only been a short time.

Our relationship was wonderful. He was older than me by ten years, and we grew up in different countries and in different conditions. He studied in the cadet corps in Yugoslavia. Then he lived in Germany, then in the United States. And I lived in this very Soviet place, in which we all continue to live, although it is to some extent evolved. But we were with him completely like-minded people, as if we grew up in one yard and went to the same school.

Father Vladimir was a true Russian, primarily Orthodox, truly Orthodox man and a true Russian patriot. He was not merely anti-communist. He was among the patriots – supporters of General Vlasov. There, in his 17 years he managed to become a warrior. And then fought with the communists during the Korean War on the side of the United States. That its consistent anti-communism me, of course, extremely attractive.

Moreover, being a member of the Russian Orthodox youth movement in the United States, he organized protests against the visit to the United States KGB agent, Metropolitan Nicholas (Yarushevich), which came with some agitation purposes, and the young Russian Americans against the visit of an agent provocateur to protest – but it is separate issue.

Father Vladimir was adherent and pupil of his had also, of course, the late father in law of Bishop Gregory (Grabbe), which, of course, can be called one of the pillars of true Orthodoxy in the 20th century.

Vladimir’s father ended his life in the rank protopresbyter our Russia Orthodox Church, and until the last day was, naturally, a clergyman of our Church. And we can say about him – and, God willing, I’ll say it over his grave, because I will fly to his funeral, safely God willing – that he never in his life was in communion with any one found guilty, nor any unrepentant KGB agent in a cassock.

God rest his soul.

Archpriest Michael Ardov for “”

Protopresbyter Vladimir Shishkoff died in the United States. I was familiar with him. He was from the galaxy of real Russian priests from the last of Holy Russia, who survived the ‘union’ and whom our sinful earth, is not worthy. Memory Eternal! VECHNAYA PAMYAT!”

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