ROAC: Request for Donations for a Parish Building for St Nicholas Church, NJ

We would have put this up earlier, but we only found it recently on the Euphrosynos Cafe so this was unsolicited. The St Nicholas Parish is in a serious situation since the building was lost years ago.

12/15. The recent events in Russia against ROAC are well known and continue unabated. The authorities have clealy decided to eliminate all “competition” to the Moscow Patriarchate and they will not stop till they destroy ROAC; or so they think (They have been trying to destroy the Church since 1917).

In this country where religious freedom is paramount and everyone is free to practice without interferance from the government, ROAC has embarked on a fundraiser to collect funds with the ultimate purpose of building a church in the name of Saint Nicholas. Attached please find a letter asking for donations. Please help in whichever way you can. The times are difficult but there is no right or wrong time in doing God’s work.

Thank you
Свято Николаевская Россійская Православная Церковь

95 Elm Street PO Box 95 Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407 Telephone: (347) 321-4870

Dear Orthodox Christian:

Saint Nicholas is a very small, poor, Russian Orthodox congregation hoping to expand its very small church.

We have received blessings from our Bishop and Priest to ask for donations. All donated funds will receive a stamped receipt.

The names of all individuals who donate will be read at our Liturgies.

Saint Nicholas realizes that these are difficult economic times. Please lend to Saint Nicholas. He will reward you many times over.

Thank you!

In Christ,
Bishop Andrei
Anthony Skevas, Parish Trustee

P.S. Please make check payable to “ROAC of America”.