ROCiE (V-V) Paschal Epistle 2014

Christ is Risen!

        Beloved in Christ, priests, brothers and sisters, in the homeland and the diaspora mere loyal to our pastors and the flock of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia!

        I heartily congratulate you on the great and Most Lucent Feast of the Resurrection!

        Before this great holiday and great, joyous celebration, the Holy Church, in the person of Sts. Apostles established a forty Lent, Holy Lent – the example of our Lord Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days.

        Holy Lent wonder delivered just before the Feast of Holy Pascha, because it is life-giving lestvitsa by purely repentance, fasting and prayer (especially frequent pronunciation prayer prep. Ephrem: “Grant me see my sins”) as if the spiritual levels raises us to the contemplation of the great mystery of the redemptive suffering of Christ, crucifixion, death on the cross of the Savior – after which it leads us to the contemplation of the mysteries of glory of the Resurrection.

        Holy Church, through the SS. Fathers, teaches us that “the days of Holy Lent mean life of this century, as the days of Holy Pascha depict eternal bliss. In Lent we have contrition and Easter are filled with joy, and in this life we must bear the penance that the future to achieve eternal blessings. “

        No wonder St. Ignatius in Philippians advises: “Do not neglect the Holy Lent, it is an imitation of Christ’s residence.” And St. Ambrose says: “The Lord has sanctified us with His Lent by fasting, and this he hath done for our salvation, to teach us about the post, not in words only, but by example.” In the Apostolic rules (69th Ave) post Lent is considered mandatory and compliance with its fenced severe sentences. St. Cyril of Alexandria in his writings repeatedly reminds us that fasting holy Lent to be observed faithfully, respectively apostolic and evangelical tradition.

St. Asterius Amasian, a contemporary of St. John Chrysostom, his spiritual experience shows that there is a Holy Lent “teacher moderation, mother of virtue, the teacher of God’s children, chairwoman whi c decent, calm c tvie shower, life support, durable peace and unflappable; its severity and importance umiryaet passion extinguishes anger and rage, cools and calms all sorts of excitement. “

By descent into Hell Savior not all the dead were brought to them from hell: He took only those who appeared righteous in God’s sight, only those: “Elitsa verovati izvolisha Him.” And their joy was great.

Similarly, and for those who suffered during Lent with spiritual benefit various temptations of the flesh surrounding their disbelief, confusion of political events, appeals, letters, and other hassles mіra this, especially joyful celebration of Easter. Because the joy of Easter resurrection of the Savior coming to this special grace. But the mercy of the Savior in a day does not leave and those who were deficient in the Church approved lean Delaney: it opens so why their Easter joy imperfect.

        Christian cited insufficient, you must comply with this title is not enough to know the revealed truth, the truth of the dogmas and canons, we must also understand them correctly. This is important because of their misunderstanding will not serve our salvation. When can we correctly understand these truths without the danger of mistake? Not when we interpret these truths themselves each in his own way, and when we understand them as ignorant and expounded their Holy Church. Most enlightened and seemingly well-intentioned human minds can err in every work if they act without reliable guidance of the Holy Church. From here there were all the heresies, sects and schisms.

Especially our modern age, according to St.. Filaret Met. Moscow, freedom brings to willfulness and independence to anarchy, tolerance to indifference, to the world of martial law, the progress to moral decline, going it is replaced by a purely ecclesiastical spirit m i rskimi actions.

        Live fish, says he, swimming against the water, and down dead in the water. A true Christian is a sin against the flow of the century, and it is interested in swiftness false. Thinking and feelings most approved, there is often the most dangerous.

Another Prelate, Archbishop Filaret. Chernigov, in addition to the above, adds: razsuditelnost most prudence and should encourage us to obey the rules and customs of this ra m i, when these rules and customs, or completely disagree with the laws of religion and morality, or impede their thorough implementation. Little in the mind, and strength of will and not quite seem to have someone who looks like on an immutable law to be approved by a majority of people, and a few times, they also condemned. People century, people have time and fickle in their charters as volatile time, as the vagaries of volatile passions. Zeitgeist – the spirit of lies and deceit. Now he praises is another tomorrow; over the rules and thoughts that he considered exemplary for five years before this, he laughs now, and after another five years, if not before, would be to laugh at those from whom delighted now.

        Therefore, brothers and sisters, according to the Fathers of the Church does not have a crazy one who shies away from the Holy Church in the various heresies, schisms and sects (like sect Balabanovo). Such people do intelligent and kind can not say, because they are, in the words of St.. Basil the Great: “like clouds, with variable winds that rush to and fro in the air.” Has no spiritual mind as one who expresses feelings loyal enemies of Orthodoxy.

Therefore we, beloved pastors and flock, ask the Lord all the days of our lives, and especially during Lent, that we keep in chastity these holy days are not infected fuss and temptations of this ra m i, lies in evil, and remain faithful to the teachings of and ordinances of the Holy Church, that the Lord has sent us Risen Easter joy as at this time of life, and in the age to come. Amen.

    Christ is risen indeed!

Arch Bishop of i + i Vladim