ROCOR-A: Official Website Hacked

Hat tip to R.D.

The official website of the Russian Church Abroad under Metropolitan Agafgangel has been hacked according to Metropolitan Agafangel’s livejournal. As of Tuesday, the site was back up after a day where it seemed to have gone down after being mysteriously closed over the weekend.

In response to questions concerning the sudden closure, the Metropolitan surmised the site had been hacked. It is not clear what was the immediate motive, though the day before the initial hacking on the 13th (new style), a video interview with the Metropolitan was placed on Youtube.

It would not be the first time the Moscow Patriarchate used such methods to silence opposition. Earlier, during the election of Kyril Gundaev to the Patriarchate, independent Russian news site Portal-Credo along with other opposition sites were shut down by Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks and crippled until after the election.