ROCOR-H: Metropolitan Hilarion Held Meeting with Masonic Leaders in November 2008

Update (11/20) Metr Hilarion is now saying this was simply two men asking for their picture taken with them at the Russian embassy. We are continuing to investigate, since that just sounds too convenient. Does this mean Metropolitan Hilarion will take his picture with anyone? Nice…. we are waiting for other source confirmation.

Update: Theophylactre of Ortodoxie Libre has written a fuller article treatment of what occurred here.

The email from J.S. is so disturbing we are copying it in full. There really isn’t much we can add to it until there’s some confirmation of it and putting a link to the French version of the article in the title.

Nobody of us knew the information and I have discovered it today only. In November 2008 (probably), Metropolitan Hilarion of ROCOR and Metropolitan Platon (Russia) met with free masons dignitaries in Brazil. The information is told in Brazilian in the masonic newspaper (AO ZENYT, number 6) of the Local lodge available and downloadable here at page 4 and 5 :

The cover of this number is here :

Look at the pics! Hilarion, Metropolitan of ROCOR is easily recognisable:

The man at the right of the pic is the masonic great master that can be seen on this pic at the center with his mason uniform.

The article in Portuguese (Brazilian) says the masons wanted to end the myths about masonry and explain masonry wanted to promote freedom, justice, equality and was ready to work with other spiritual forces to do so. After that, the article describes the history of the Russian church.