ROCOR-PSCA Ordains New Bishop and Meets with Metropolitan Paul of Astoria

(New York) Bishop Agafangel of Odessa came to Richmond Hill, New York, to participate in a meeting of the ROCOR-PSCA, where they consecrated Hegumen George (Kravchenko) as Bishop of Bolgrad and Vicar of Odessa. The consecration took place on May 17. According to the PSCA official website, the Bishops visited with Metropolitan Paul of Astoria, who, according to the PSCA website, has confirmed an that the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece(+Chrysostomos) has interest in discussions with the Synod in Resistance, which helped Bp Agafangel create the new Bishops for the ROCOR-PSCA.

Controversy reigns over the creation of Bishop George, as a video was released from a Russian website during the consecration where Fr Vsevelod Dutikow of New York referred to his Bishops as “stupid” on-camera and laughs with his wife. It is unclear whether they are speaking about an event during the consecration or the consecration itself.