ROCOR(A) Conference in Odessa: Vote to Anathematize Sergianism from Conference Members

The ROCOR(A), under the presidency of Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa met from August 8th-10 for the Proceedings of the Third Conference “Ways of the ROCOR in the Modern World.”


A number of reports were given on various subjects.At the prompting of the laity, the conference adopted the following resolution:


Resolution of 09. 08. 2012

At the annual conference of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, “The Way of the ROCOR in the modern world” (Odessa, Ukraine) during the second day of meetings among the participants, there came into discussion the initiative for the adopting of the anathema against ‘sergianism’, which was put to a vote.  The decision was supported by the participants of the conference: three priest, a deacon, a nun and lay people. All the votes were fifteen people, including two bishops, who did not participate in the voting. The motivation was the adoption of the resolution of individual initiative, the participants in connection with the delegation of the Council of Bishops of the final decision on the matter to the Synod of Bishops.

The text of the anathemas, which were drawn up and posted on the official internet site of ROCOR, were given by Metropolitan Agafangel with a detailed explanation of the principle of the anathema in the Orthodox Church, and the political power which opposes itself to the Church of Christ, to receive any preference.

Members voted for the anathema of “Sergianism” unanimously.


A. Archpriest Michael Karpeev

Two. Priest Valery Leonichev

Three. Priest Georgy Titov

4. Priest George Storozhitsky

Five. Deacon Nikita Titov

6. Subdeacon Vladimir Cojocari

7. Nun Raphael

Eight. Mother Love Leonicheva

9. My mother Zinaida Storozhitskaya

10.Dmitry Wasilewski

11. John Tsildermanis

12. Galina Tsildermanis

13. Igor Potienko

14. Sergei Vorobyov

15. Marina Sigareva