RTOC Requests Donations for Temple in Chernigov

July 28, 2012

The Russian True Orthodox Church under Archbishop Tikhon of Omnsk has requested donations for the building of a temple in the Chernigov region. Due to the fact that no building has been present for some 20 years, the parishioners, under the care of Archbishop Pachomius of Chernigov, with Priest Basil heading the parish, are forced to worship in private homes. 

Several years ago the construction of a building was begun, with the blessing of Archbishop Lazarus. However, due to costs it has yet to be finished.


The following information for donations is given:

Cash can be listed:

in Ukrainian hryvnias:
Privat 2924482550910, MFO 305299, OKPO 14360570,
Card Number: 4149437807750201, Shumilo Vitaly,
ID 2555202519, purpose of payment: personal funds
in U.S. dollars:
Beneficiary: SHUMILO VITALIY, Account: 4149437807750201, Bank of beneficiary: PRIVATBANK DNIPROPETROVS’K, UKRAINE SWIFT CODE: PBANUA2X, Intermediary Bank: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK CHASE METROTECH CENTER 7 TH FLOOR BROOKLYN NY 11245 USA, Correspondent account: 0011000080

The names of all donors will be entered in the parish for a perpetual memorial obituary at the Divine Liturgy.
Thanks to all pious Christians, who have already responded and sent to the construction of the temple its mite. Help save, O Christ!

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