Serbian Patriarchate May Be “Forced” to End Communion with Romanian Patriarchate

The Serbian Patriarchate Assembly of Bishops, in a continuing several years long dispute with the Romanian Patriarchate, has stated that it will be ‘forced’ to end communion with Bucharest:

“The Assembly concluded, with great sadness, that the Romanian Orthodox Church not only continues with its anti-canonical intrusions in the jurisdiction of the Serbian Orthodox Church but has intensified them and spread them throughout the Serbian canonical territory. Inasmuch as they do not cease with these actions of ethno-phyleticism and lacking in brotherly love in the near future, the Holy Synod will, with the permission given at this Assembly, be forced to take the only possible step – to cease all liturgical and canonical commuion with this Church until they return „their knowledge of the law“.”

It seemed a similar situation transpired about 5 years ago, but did not materialize.

The Assembly similarly condemned the Serbian Patriarchate Bishop Artemije once again. Additional material can be found here.