(Hat tip A.A., M.A.) 
We are happy to announce that our offer has been accepted on a 43 acre property located between Syracuse and Utica, New York that is most suitable as a residence for monastic communities (both female and male) and the establishment of a cemetery and church on the grounds. Pending approval of a bank loan for the mortgage the monastics will be able to move in by December 15, 2009. A generous sum of donations has been raised allowing us to make a reasonable down payment on the property. As well a number of $100 monthly pledges have been received though more are needed to help cover the monthly mortgage payments and meet other monthly expenses such as utilities. (See end of document for details on making a donation or pledge).
Of course there are still many needs to be met: moving expenses for the monastics who will be joining the communities, minor repairs to the buildings, purchase of appliances and equipment needed for upkeep of the property. It is hoped that another $25,000 can be raised in the near future to help the communities get established. 
God-willing once the monastics are settled on the new property they will be able to focus on their obediences (sewing of vestments and cassocks, painting of icons, development of an apiary and gardens, bookstore) that will help to make them self–sufficient. 
More importantly the monks and nuns who left their former communities because they could not accept the union between the ROCOR and the MP will now have a place to live and worship with a clear conscience under bishops of like mind.
Conducting the daily cycle of services will be the first priority of the monastics. While daily Divine Liturgy will not be possible at first there will at least be a weekly Liturgy. Orthodox Christians are welcome to submit names/commemoration books for remembrance at the Divine Liturgy.
Initially services will be conducted in a chapel to be organized within the main house.

Possible room for initial indoor chapel
… with hopes that in the spring construction can begin on a wooden church on the beautiful grounds of the property:
As some may notice the photos differ from the earlier appeal. It was determined that the original property considered was too costly and one with land more suitable for future building could be found. Thanks be to God such a site was indeed found. The property on which an offer was accepted is located in the town of Constantia, NY just 3 miles from Oneida Lake. Though not far from two interstate highways it is situated on a quiet road with few neighbors. The land is basically flat and mostly wooded with a pond and wonderful walking trails already cleared away by the previous owner. With 43 acres there is plenty of space for further construction when other buildings become necessary.
There are two relatively new homes both in very good condition. The first home has over 5000 square feet and will provide ample room for the initial three nuns, a chapel, workrooms and space for guests. While smaller the second house is in good condition and can provide a base for the beginning of a brotherhood. On the grounds there is a well-built cabin as well as a barn and shed for raising farm animals (chickens, goat, cow). 

Main house Barn

We are grateful to God for granting us this opportunity to purchase a place that will allow the monastic communities to conduct a life of prayer in a peaceful setting, to provide a tranquil spot for laity to visit and participate in the worship services of the monastics, and a quiet prayerful setting for the establishment of a cemetery and church for our faithful.
We are deeply indebted to all who have supported us thus far. As we get settled our needs are still great. If you are able to offer financial support at this time tax-deductible donations and requests of those who wish to make monthly pledges may be sent to: 
ROCA Assistance Fund, PO Box 7119, Falls Church, VA 22040. Checks should be made out to the “ROCA Assistance Fund” and earmarked forSt. Nicholas Convent/Diocesan Center”.
For further information please contact mother Agapia, 626 Landing Rd N, Rochester, NY, tel. 585-385-3091 or e-mail:

A happy visitor to the property