The New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia and the True Ortodox Church

 The New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia and the True Orthodox Church
 Bp. Alexander of Zvenigorod TOC (R)
June 20th, 2012


For each generation and people the Lord gives His trials and His revelations about the Path to Him. Some of the issues, problems, perplexities and temptations were in the early years of the persecution of the Church of Christ, and others during the period of the Ecumenical Councils, and other in the period of persecution and repression for the faith of the Soviet period.

Every age, every time, were special for the Christian to face, a special treasure of the teachings of Jesus Christ, manifested in the concrete life and the unique conditions and circumstances, before which a person was raised by God Himself.
And we include our generation today, in reference to the centuries-old experience of the holy ascetics of the Way of Christ the Savior.  The Evangelical Commandments through the thickness of the missed time and human life, struggles and suffering, for every Christian today have the power of role models in the saints, because it is the experience of the Holy Fathers, who had the same soul and flesh, that we do.
Yet touching this two thousand years of ascetic practices of the holy ascetics, which grow from the feat of John the Baptist and importantly Jesus Christ, we feel our weakness and frailty of our time, and today it is difficult to find an old man to be like the saints Anthony the Great, Macarius the Great, Spiridon Trimifunskomu, Sergius of Radonezh , Seraphim of Sarov, or one of the host of other saints.
Referring to the previous generation, one wonders about those who have passed by what were New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. Would you have been able to understand all the church disorders and would you have found the strength and wisdom to defend the truth?
Their suffering and martyrdom, and death itself for the Orthodox faith brought them to Christ the Savior, and we now are offered a great sense of the Church of Christ, the One and Indivisible, and the mystery of God’s truth, and spiritual treasures, which they sought to save their souls, to save Her, for the salvation of His flock, as well as for us, living today, while new temptations and persecutions of the Antichrist’s monstrous forces are here.
It would seem that the problem of the heresy of Sergianism was one of bygone years. However, to this day the followers of the MP challenged it; but on examining the MP on closer inspection, we see how, during the years and decades, quietly the spirit of Antichrist which was once part of the captive power, has made the MP the Church of Antichrist. Even the example of its life before our eyes is secularization of the church, it increasingly becomes a tool for authorities to assert their political power, far away from Christian values, converting temples into apartment buildings, business centers, places of travesty. The sound of coins are heard there, and sometimes we do not hear about prayer, church rules, canons, statutes … instead all it buried in oblivion, and all is about a mitred oligarchy which is fat with riches, and little focus on Christ and His flock, and  the impoverished people.
But when any voice in defense of the True Orthodox and truly Christian values ​​is raised we see intolerance, anger, hostility. Today’s scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, false teachers from the MP, losing respect in the eyes of their flock. People must endure many scandals and they wish to be exposed instead to the Christian life that is not just in a publication. The hierarchs of the MP,  wishing to preserve their authority, are trying to foment a new religious war, and accusing their critics, who are the priests of our True Orthodox Church as being the schismatics, graceless, and so on and so forth about alleged sins of such. The MP pours forth filth, slander, they rob temples, property, organize pogroms and other horrors. The true face of these false ones and the power behind the scenes of the world, which they serve, is recognized by its fruit.
Antichrist seeks through his followers to enter as deeply as possible into the church by playing on people’s passions, one needs the power, the other money, the glory of the third, another pleasing carnal desires …. The most poor and holy Seraphim warned that the spirit of the Antichrist will enter the temples. In the current time we are seeing a time of apostasy. And if the world of the evil, destroyers, persecutors, scribes and Pharisees, child molester … are united in their aspiration to destroy the Orthodox Church as the ark of salvation, and the forces of Light and Love of Christ, all true Christians should seek ways to unite in Christ!
Man is sinful, and Holy is the Church! The Church was and still is the One, Catholic, and Indivisible, the Church of the Holy! No one and no unclean thing can enter into it. The desire of the truly Orthodox Churches of different nations and peoples to preserve unity is great; and  there is a natural sense of God’s love in the hearts of the Orthodox and the desire to live by the commandments of the Gospel, in accordance with his conscience, for the salvation of their souls and the souls of his neighbor in the Love of Christ.
         Bishop Alexander (Egorov)
Bishop of Zvenigorod

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